Updated Design Part 2

Aug 27, 2023


Reading time: 2 minutes

Who doesn’t know it: You only want to change a minor thing on the theme of the website, but you can’t seem to get it right and in the end escalate completely and rewrite the whole website from scratch.

Back story:

This website was created with Hugo and originally had the theme “Papermod”, then “Hugo Blog Awesome” and finally “Console”.

But I wasn’t really happy with any of these themes, so I had already modified the Console theme quite a bit to be more like what I wanted it to be.

Unfortunately, some things in the CSS were quite weirdly implemented, and no matter what I tried, some things just didn’t work out the way I wanted them to.

And now:

Sometime during the past week I had enough and just started to rewrite the whole site from scratch. The structure of course stays as it was before, but without all the things in the code I don’t need anyway and with a CSS that does exactly what (and only what!) I want. And with a little help from a good friend, who happens to be a web designer, I think I did a pretty good job!

Some things are still a bit rough and in need of improvement of course, and I’m sure there will be the occasional change here and there, but I think for now I have the site the way I like it and the way I imagined it.

So now the blogging can really start. More about that at the end of next week.

Oh, and a big sorry to those who have subscribed to my RSS feed, I’m afraid I’ve caused a bit of a mess there. I hope the time of big changes is over now and the site can stay the way it is for some time to come!

This is a translation of the original German post made by DeepL and then manually adapted to (hopefully) sound a bit more human