100 Days to offload

Sep 1, 2023

100DaysToOffload retroComputing

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Sometimes there are things that you read or just see somewhere and you immediately think “that’s cool, I’ll do that”. Some time ago I came across the 100 Days to offload challenge, and this was one of those things.

What is it about?

The challenge is to write 100 blogposts within one year. Of course, I mentioned it right away on Mastodon that I was doing the challenge, so now I have the self-imposed task of writing 100 blogposts within one year, i.e. from today until the end of August 2024.

The rules are simple, to quote from the website:

There are some simple and reasonable guidelines if you want to take part in #100DaysToOffload:

  • This needs to be done on a personal blog, not a corporate blog. If you don’t have a personal blog, you can sign up for a free one at Bear Blog.
  • There is no specific start date. Your 100 posts can start or end whenever you want them to, they just need to be completed within 365 days.
  • Publish 100 new posts in the space of a year.
  • There are no limits to what you can post about – write about whatever interests you.
  • Once you have published an article, don’t forget to post a link on your social media with the hashtag #100DaysToOffload.
  • Get your friends involved!

What topics should I write about? No idea! Whatever comes to mind, probably a lot of stuff about tech, tutorials, some hobby projects I’m doing, rants about cars and lousy city design… I think there are enough things to get off my chest.

After I posted on Mastodon that I’m doing the challenge and was looking for fellow participants, a few people actually came forward, so here are some of my fellow participants in random order 1:

You might now be wondering, what the … is a phlog?

Well, some people have normal http websites, but there are also the purists who use text-based protocols, either Gopher or Gemini, and depending on the protocol, the pages are then called blogs (http), phlogs (gopher) or gemlogs (gemini). What do you know! I had no idea…

I’ll limit myself to this website here for now, but maybe I’ll add a gopher or gemini site in the future, we’ll see.

And now to complete the confusion about all the outdated retro protocols:

Matto has set up a channel on IRC at libera.chat called #phloggersgarage, where a nice little community around blogging (phlogging…) is already slowly developing.

So it’s going to be exciting, interesting, challenging and I’m sure also frustrating at times over the next few months, but that’s all part of a challenge, otherwise it wouldn’t be a challenge!

This is a translation of the original German post made by DeepL and then manually adapted to (hopefully) sound a bit more human

  1. I post the gopher pages here via http proxy. I hope the purists will forgive me, but this is the way I access the pages so I don’t have to leave the comfort of my web browser…. ↩︎