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Sep 3, 2023

100DaysToOffload website blogroll

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Inspired by Noisy Deadline’s post “Bringing back the Blogroll” and by the blogrolls I’ve already seen on some other sites, I wanted to set one up for myself too.

I like the concept of a blogroll, which as far as I understand is a list of blogs I like and follow (which I already have on my links page), but I thought I could do one better and create a list of all the latest posts from these blogs as well, ordered by date.

I first saw this concept on Bongusta!, which is a gopher phlog aggregator, and matto has the same thing on his gophersite as well, so I stole the idea from them (without feeling even a trace of guilt or remorse!) and created my own version.

After some failed attempts, I decided to use the tool sfeed, which fetches the latest posts from a list of rss feeds and writes them to a tab-delimited text file for each feed. There is also an option to output the list of new posts directly as html, but I didn’t really like the formatting, I really wanted to sort according to the latest posts of all feeds sorted by date.

So I built my own parser in Python.

Now this sounds like “just quickly whipped something up”, but since I’m not a Python expert and had to google every single command, it took me a few hours.

But now it works, sfeed fetches the latest articles from a list of RSS feeds, my Python script parses them out as Markdown in the right format and Hugo then integrates it into the website.

The result can be admired here and can be accessed via the menu option “links”. Maybe I’ll add a separate menu entry, I’m not quite sure yet.

Either way, I’m happy with it for now. So far I’m still updating manually, so the list might be a few days behind. If I find the time and feel like it, I’ll switch to automated updates.

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This is a translation of the original German post made by DeepL and then manually adapted to (hopefully) sound a bit more human