Summer time

Apr 1, 2024

Not time for summer, but switching the clock from winter time to summer time, or daylight saving time.

We had this switch yesterday, and I hate this time shift with a passion. It’s just so unneccessary. And apparently completely impossible now to get rid of, even though it was totally possible to introduce it 45 years ago.

Anyway, this year I noticed something… I seem to live my life by the clock. And not my internal clock, the external one. I get up when it’s time to get up, I have lunch when it’s lunchtime, I go to bed when it’s bedtime. And for all these things I use the actual time as a reference, and not my internal clock or how I’m actually feeling.

I was kind of aware of this, but not really, but this year I really noticed it. Having a consistent daily rhythm is a good thing I think, at least for me, but being a slave to the clock definitely is not.

So this is something to be more aware of… how am I feeling, am I actually ready to get up, or tired, or hungry, or do I just do something because it’s time for it.