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My Name is Andreas.

This is the place where I write about all the things that catch my interest.

It could be books, it could be music, it could be tech (especially retro tech), it could be random musings about society and philosophy or psychology… whatever comes to my mind.

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Latest posts

The books I read in September 2023

Oct 2, 2023
September was not a great reading month for me. The month started with a week of being sick, during which I couldn’t do much at all, and even after that I found it difficult to concentrate on reading. Nevertheless, I read three books (more or less), which I’ll summarise here. read more...

The ongoing Enshittification of Whatsapp

Sep 27, 2023
A few days ago Whatsapp renamed the status page to “Updates” and introduced the “Channels” feature. And suddenly, the messenger I use to communicate with friends and family shows me recommendations for profiles of people and corporations I don’t know and don’t want to hear from. read more...

My Relationship with digital Communication - the Beginnings

Sep 24, 2023
Around 1999, the future arrived in our home: From then on, we had internet access, and quite unusual for the time, not via modem, but via ISDN with a terrific speed of 64kBit/s! While the others were still using their ancient 56k modems, we were already surfing the information superhighway with the speed of tomorrow! read more...

Cal Newport's "Deep Life Stack" - Layer 1: Discipline

Sep 21, 2023
In the last post I introduced Cal Newport’s “Deep Life Stack”, his program to put your life on a more solid foundation. Today I want to expand on this and have a look at the fist layer, “discipline”. If we want to start some meaningful changes in our lives, the first step, according to Cal, is to change our peception of ourselves. read more...

Cal Newport's " Deep Life Stack": 4 Months to reinvent your life

Sep 19, 2023
I usually stay away from the “productivity” genre on YouTube as far as possible, because there are just too many influencers on there who boast about how great they are at being productive, how super sophisticated their productivity system or bullet journal is, or who produce these quite frankly ridiculous “study with me for 13 hours” videos. read more...