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My Name is Andreas.

This is the place where I write about all the things that catch my interest.

It could be books, it could be music, it could be tech (especially retro tech), it could be random musings about society and philosophy or psychology… whatever comes to my mind.

Check out the different sections on top and have a look at my latest blogposts down below. You can also always get in touch via my Mastodon profile or just send me an E-Mail, I’d love to hear from you!

Latest posts

Abandoning 100 Days to offload

Feb 3, 2024
In September I started the 100 days to offload challenge, in which I decided to write 100 blog posts over the course of a year. Today I’m ending the challenge. read more...

Reflections on Pacifism

Jan 26, 2024
The world seems to be going mad recently, with wars breaking out left and right, so for the past couple of weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about my long held pacifist beliefs and if they’re still applicable in 2024. Content warning obviously, this is political. read more...

The books I read in December 2023

Jan 12, 2024
Here’s a quick summary of the two books I read in December 2023. read more...

The books I read in November 2023

Jan 5, 2024
I read only two books in November, and I’m a bit late with this post, nevertheless I want to quickly summarize my thoughts about them here. read more...

New Year 2024

Jan 3, 2024
First blogpost of the year, happy new Year everybody! read more...